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Plan outings and trips

You do not need to be confined in your home during your senior years. And just because you availed of home care, doesn’t mean you can only be provided with assistance while you are at home. Virginia Home Care Connection cares about your total wellness. As much as we want to ensure your safety and convenience at home, we also want you to be physically active and socially engaged.

To help you go out on outings and trips with your spouse, family, and friends, we provide support in:

caregiver assisting patient in walking

  • managing correspondences and invitations;
  • planning for events;
  • coordinating with suppliers and invitees if you are hosting an event;
  • preparing for your personal needs like clothes, bags, supplies, and equipment;
  • preparing your medications that you need to take with you;
  • coordinating with your needed transportation;
  • chaperoning you in your outdoor appointments.

We ensure that you don’t get lose touch of your other side even with mature age. With our service, you can enjoy and spend more time with loved ones and friends, inside or even outside your home. Call us today to set an appointment.