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caregiver hugging two patients Here in Virginia Home Care Connection, we want to enable senior adults to achieve a relaxed and pacified lifestyle after the many years of schooling, employment, and parenting. Despite the challenges that comes with mature age, you or your loved one can still enjoy senior days spent at home through our reliable home care services which are designed to assist and empower you.

Here are the few services that we offer here in Virginia Home Care Connection:

  • Personal Care
    • Assisting in getting in and out of bed.
    • Providing support in walking and moving around.
    • Assistance in bathing and continence.
    • Assistance in dressing up and grooming.
    • Helps in preparing and eating meals.
    • Does light chores like washing the dishes, doing personal laundry, and home cleaning.
    • Chaperoning during medical appointments.
  • Home Making
    • Cleaning the entire household.
    • Organizing the furnishings.
    • Taking care of plants.
    • Looking after pets.
    • Buying groceries.
    • Doing the laundry.
    • Cooking meals.
    • Washing the dishes.
    • Running Errands.
  • Companionship
    • Assistance in moving around.
    • Provide companionship during medical check-up, and personal appointments.
    • Manage correspondences.
    • Take part in hobbies and games.
    • Provide help in planning for events and other activities.
  • Diet Monitoring and Meal Planning
    • Coordinates with physician or dietician on specific dietary instructions.
    • Monitors food intake.
    • Buys food needed for the period.
    • Plans and prepares for meals.
  • Concierge/Planner
    • Plans for gamily gatherings or personal events.
    • Coordinates and plans for transportation needs.
    • Chaperons during events.
    • Coordinates with other people involved in activities.
    • Manages correspondences.

Virginia Home Care Connection wants to provide you with the home care services that you need to live an enjoyable and comfortable retirement or recovery period. To assist you in deciding the right services to avail, and to get the care provider that is most compatible with your or your loved one’s personality, call us for an in-home assessment today, at absolutely no charge.